This lump of pumice comes from Askja in Iceland. Michal Banaś brought it back from a geological expedition to an active volcano. This volcanic massif was used by NASA during astronaut training before the Apollo lunar mission.

The screen of an abandoned painting

Underneath the paint there is a “screen”, or single-colour underpainting.The light must break through the layers of translucent coatings – and return to the viewer.Only when it reflects off the screen and reaches the eye, it can tempt the viewer with the luminosity of the mixed pigments. Just as a stained glass window needs illumination […]

Extraordinary oil

“Take your linseed oil and in summer pour it into a bronze or brass basin, or into a bowl, and when the sun is in the sign of Leo, expose it to the sun, and this oil, if you hold it so long, that it will be half gone, will be as perfect as possible for painting” (C. Cennini, “A Treatise on Painting”). Cennino Cennini, born in 1370 in Colle di Val d’Elsa, died […]


Once upon a time, I became absolutely attached to photography. We have been together for so long… Fascinated by the naked woman, over those years we tinkered with light and made a lot of sketches. We fuelled each other with enthusiasm and approached new projects with leaps and bounds. We became very close to each other. So much that I did not know […]

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