Unusual rust

Pure glazing pigment. Intense and light-resistant. One of the oldest preserved in prehistoric paintings, which only confirms its durability. Iron oxide, that is another shade of rust. Just add oil, mix and get started…

My neighbour crashed my system

My neighbour crashed my system. She is a professional.The oldest paintings by early artists are tens of thousands of years old. All of them – those from caves in Indonesia or South Africa, and those from Spain or France – have in common the use of natural earth pigment, or varieties of rust. Specifically: ochre […]


Once upon a time, I became absolutely attached to photography. We have been together for so long… Fascinated by the naked woman, over those years we tinkered with light and made a lot of sketches. We fuelled each other with enthusiasm and approached new projects with leaps and bounds. We became very close to each other. So much that I did not know […]

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