This ramrod is thinner than the one used to clean the pipe’s smoke duct. It is only a braided wire, but you can use it to prepare pieces of coal, either bought or fired yourself, for drawing.The willow vittles have a core inside, which before firing resembled a sponge, because its function was to transport […]

Cement board

Oil on a cement slab? Or coal?Cement board is a substrate I like because it is stable, but unfortunately it has to weigh something. This invention of recent years is made up of three components: cement, water and cotton fibre (responsible for the reinforcement). I use 3.5 mm thick slabs for the 120 × 80 […]

I lack the courage

Normally I have no problem treating sanguine, malachite, coal or anything else with a hammer. Since the holidays, when ezo.minerals sent me this pigment, I like this lump so much that I can’t take the hammer in my hand… For centuries, Volkonskoite has only been mined in one place. The pigment comes from the Urals, […]

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