My neighbour crashed my system

My neighbour crashed my system. She is a professional.
The oldest paintings by early artists are tens of thousands of years old. All of them – those from caves in Indonesia or South Africa, and those from Spain or France – have in common the use of natural earth pigment, or varieties of rust. Specifically: ochre in all its shades, from yellow and red through brown to black.
Modern paintings last only hundreds of years. Compared to the cave drawings, they are a mere blink of an eye.
My first criterion in choosing a pigment is its lightfastness.
Yesterday I visited a neighbour who is a professional seamstress. I asked her to shorten the black curtains in the studio. I was curious to see what she would draw the cutting line with on the black material.
Cool – I have this special chalk that disappears after an hour… But that how? Well normally, I draw and after an hour the chalk just disappears. I’ve yet to have a client complain that I’ve soiled her material.

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